Favourite Things To Do In a Lift, First 10.

21 11 2009

Since I’ve just started, and people have yet to look at my (Much more in depth) pages, I’ve decided to give a taster of the page Things To Do In A Lift. The real page has over 40 outrageous things. For any who are going to try these, I salute you. I sincerely doubt that the people in the elevator do.

1 Show off your karate skills to the other passengers.

Introduce to people your invisible friend.

3 When the lift is crowded and it starts moving complain about your violent air sickness.

4 When the doors close announce to the other passengers, Dont Panic! They Open Aqain!

5 Play Peek-a Boo! With the other passengers

6 Place a box in the corner and make the sounds ‘tick, tick, tick’. Or just put a clock in it.

7 Meditate in the middle of the elevator

8 Start Arguing with yourself.

9 Start A Sing Along with the other passengers!

10 Crouch down in the corner with your hands covering your eyes muttering “they’re after me”

-Working For Beer-