Spam Me!

23 11 2009

Just starting my blog, I cannot help but notice my spam que. At slightly lower than my visits (38), I wish more people would spam me, as It is at 0. Do spammers realise there is no point spamming me as noone will read their useless crap. I dont mind spam at the moment. Even if it does get through, it will raise my comments up. If my blog ever gets more views (highly unlikely), spam will annoy me. But for right now, the only worthwhile thing I have realised by typing this waste of your time, is that I need you to  spam me. I don’t think you’ll ever get a chance like this again. When else can you advertise pointless goods that nobody with a below average IQ will beleive. Spam your heart out.


-Working For Beer-


Amazing Exciting New Header

23 11 2009

Attention to our regular readers (yes, all 2 of you…hopefully). We have a new header, handcrafted from the very depth of time and space using the best tools known to man, forged by only the most skilled crafters.

Ok, ok, I made it last night on Photoshop. Dont beleive me? You’re right (whoever you are). I made it on paint. I’ve never been good with graphics, but its a slight improvement of my old one. For those people who havent seen the old one, dont worry, you’re not missing out. At all. In fact, one day I might post it and we can all laugh (All 3 of us), but for now it brings ack memories of a too recent past (3 Days ago maybe?)

Tell Me what you think. I wouldnt change it in a million years. It might not be perfect but that is exactly what the site is about.

If you are any good with any picture tool PLEASE contact me!!!!

-Working For Beer-

Hello World!

21 11 2009

Hello World! Its me! I hope you’re excited!

It’s not my first time blogging, so I know what to expect. If it goes like last time, noone will read my first post. Or my second. But thats fine, because It is how blogging works. It really makes these posts a waste of my time, since they will stay unread. But if I didnt write it, I would then need a new first post which noone would read. Meh, at least my first is over.

If anyone actually did read this (please, please), feel free to leave to leave a comment. And browse our wide selection of pages, all two of them. And thanks for being there (or rather here) for me.