Amazing Exciting New Header

23 11 2009

Attention to our regular readers (yes, all 2 of you…hopefully). We have a new header, handcrafted from the very depth of time and space using the best tools known to man, forged by only the most skilled crafters.

Ok, ok, I made it last night on Photoshop. Dont beleive me? You’re right (whoever you are). I made it on paint. I’ve never been good with graphics, but its a slight improvement of my old one. For those people who havent seen the old one, dont worry, you’re not missing out. At all. In fact, one day I might post it and we can all laugh (All 3 of us), but for now it brings ack memories of a too recent past (3 Days ago maybe?)

Tell Me what you think. I wouldnt change it in a million years. It might not be perfect but that is exactly what the site is about.

If you are any good with any picture tool PLEASE contact me!!!!

-Working For Beer-