Favourite Things To Do In Class

Class is boring. With no exception. So here are some crazy ideas to try to brighten up your stay in the school systems. Unfortunately, most of these happened in my time. Even more unfortunately, my school had the cane. Just kidding. If you do attempt these, lay the blame on the teachers (Do not mention this site!) for their inability to accept you expressing yourself and becoming an individual.

1 Bring a sleeping bag and pillow to class with you. Use them.

2 During math class, correct the teacher every time they misspell “pi”

3 When the professor asks a question jump up and down going “I know I know!” or “Pick Me!” Until they choose you. Say either “I forgot” or “I was Just Stretching”

4 If they take the Roll, correct them on the pronunciation of your name about 16 (or more) times. Be Creative. (ex: the ‘A’ in James is silent.)

5 Bring the Professor Applesauce. Say it’ll be easier on their False Teeth.

6 Bring popcorn, chips or soda. Ask when the Movie is going to start.

7 Also with the items from no 7,  Complain how the trained animal shows just arn’t what they used to be. Throw the popcorn or chips at the Teacher.

8 Hide meat under the Teachers Desk. Bring your dog To school.

9 Come to school with a pipe. Sit at the front and after everything he says say “Quite Right old Chap”

10 After every sentence the teacher says exclaim WOW!

11 Walk out of class. Explain to your teacher that your brain is full.

12 Eat your textbook

13 Speak to your teacher in another language. Include many english swear words.

14 Bring a watermelon. Tell your teacher they were out of apples.

15 Go to the toilet. Change into your monkey suit and come back shouting SURPRISE!

16 Ask to go to the toilet. If your teacher says “wait till break”, surprise him with the New wet patch on the floor and say Too Late!!!

17 Go on Strike. (hunger strikes, tie yourself to the desk ect)

18 Sword Fight with the chalk

19 Record the School bell. Set it off at 5 minute intervals

20 Explain how you cannot study this because it is against your (made up) culture.

21 Ask to go to the toilet. Sit and concentrate for a while, stand up and stretch then say “Thanks”

22 Do the Chicken Dance

23 (In a school with uniform) Complain about other peoples taste in fashion. Don’t mention you’re wearing the exact same thing

24 Have a staring Contest with your desk

25 Glare at the person next to you. Reason “they havent looked at my new socks!” Find out how many people look at your socks now. 

26 For an even better effect with no 25, Dont wear any socks that day!

27 When you get something to do, just sit there staring. When your class discusses it or asks questions announce, “oh, were we Supposed to Do this?

More Will be added soon.

Does this seem familiar? The answer is Yes, I’ve already written a similar message on the bottom of most my ‘Things to do’ Posts.  This has been copied (and changed) from my old blog, which I currently have no control over and as far as I know is inactive.


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