Favourite Things To Do In a Lift.

Some of our (but hopefully not your) favourite things to do in a lift. Not recommended in the lifts with security cameras or (equally dangerous) relatives.


1 Show off your karate skills to the other passengers.

Introduce to people your invisible friend.

3 When the lift is crowded and it starts moving complain about your violent air sickness.

4 When the doors close announce to the other passengers, Dont Panic! They Open Aqain!

5 Play Peek-a Boo! With the other passengers

6 Place a box in the corner and make ticking noises. (Or put a loud clock inside)

7 Meditate in the middle of the elevator

8 Start Arguing with yourself.

9 Start A Sing Along with the other passengers!

10 Crouch down in the corner with your hands covering your eyes muttering “they’re after me”

11 Explain to the other passengers that you are invisible.

12 Explain to the Wall your plans of World Domination

13 Attempt to sell your invisible items to the other passengers

14 Try teach the other passengers Chinese (or any other language) correct their pronunciation for any tiny mistake.

15 Tap dance while singing im a little tea-pot over and over

16 Make loud farting noises and blame it on other passengers. Used best when It’s only you and one other person

17 Convince people that you are the Real Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter

18 Attempt to sell 10 cents for 5 dollars.

19 Ask for a disabled seat

20 Spit on your hand and ask to shake other peoples.

21 Get out of the Elevator. Say ‘Oops’ and walk back in. Do this for every floor.

22 Suck Your Thumb

23 Have a staring Contest with the other passengers

24 Play Hide and Seek.

25 Start continuously singing ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’. If anyone asks you to stop, Hum it Louder.

26 Call the psychic hotline and ask them what floor you are on.

27 Give out tooth picks. Use them to poke other people.

28 Give out home-made Yu Gi Ho (Pokemon, whatever) cards. If they dont play, Demand a kiss.

29 Start Singing, Happy Birthday for no Apparent reason.

30 Sell yellow snow cones.

31 Fly a kite. If it doesnt fly, bring a fan. Works best with a plug in fan.

32 Wear a dress. Works best if you are a boy.

33 Start telling your life story

34 Talk while you text (eg wuu2; what you up to)

35 Juggle a soccer ball. If you are good try with a Rugby ball.

36 Ask if you can borrow other peoples clothes.

37 Bring a Microwave. Put frozen pizza in there and for it to heat. Leave the plug on the floor.

38 Lick the Floor. Tell everyone it tastes like chicken

39 Put a twister game in the middle of the lift, and begin to play. If the other people don’t join in, manipulate their body parts onto the mat anyway.

40 Pretend to call somebody on a cellphone and complain about everyone else on it (eg: Theres this guy next to me, and boy! He reeks of salmon! Its GROSS!)

41 Put fake blood on the doors and when people walk in, quickly pull them into the elevator and show them the blood saying “You don’t want to die the same way Bobby did do you?”

More coming soon

Does this seem familiar? This used to be on my old blog, but I lost my account and gave up. Since it is still my work, I dont think it is considered plagiarism. I hope at least.


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