Favourite Things to Do In Class, First 10

22 11 2009

Don’t complain too much about school. Everybody has served there time there, or will. For those unlucky enough to be serving a sentence, we havent forgotten you. Taken off for some unknown crime to study French. No worse punishment in existence. So for those in school (University, Kindergarten, If you can already read) , we have compiled a list of things that will brighten your day.

1 Bring a sleeping bag and pillow to class with you. Use them.

2 During math class, correct the teacher every time they misspell “pi”

3 When the professor asks a question jump up and down going “I know I know!” or “Pick Me!” Until they choose you. Say either “I forgot” or “I was Just Stretching”

4 If they take the Roll, correct them on the pronunciation of your name about 16 (or more) times. Be Creative. (ex: the ‘A’ in James is silent.)

5 Bring the Professor Applesauce. Say it’ll be easier on their False Teeth.

6 Bring popcorn, chips or soda. Ask when the Movie is going to start.

7 Also with the items from no 6, Complain how the trained animal shows just arn’t what they used to be. Throw the popcorn or chips at the Teacher.

8 Hide meat under the Teachers Desk. Bring your dog To school.

9 Come to school with a pipe. Sit at the front and after everything he says say “Quite Right old Chap”

10 After every sentence the teacher says exclaim WOW!

These are only the first ten of 27 (with more being added continuously) If you find this sparks your imagination, visit the full list.

-Working For Beer-




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