Favourite Things To Do In a Lift, First 10.

21 11 2009

Since I’ve just started, and people have yet to look at my (Much more in depth) pages, I’ve decided to give a taster of the page Things To Do In A Lift. The real page has over 40 outrageous things. For any who are going to try these, I salute you. I sincerely doubt that the people in the elevator do.

1 Show off your karate skills to the other passengers.

Introduce to people your invisible friend.

3 When the lift is crowded and it starts moving complain about your violent air sickness.

4 When the doors close announce to the other passengers, Dont Panic! They Open Aqain!

5 Play Peek-a Boo! With the other passengers

6 Place a box in the corner and make the sounds ‘tick, tick, tick’. Or just put a clock in it.

7 Meditate in the middle of the elevator

8 Start Arguing with yourself.

9 Start A Sing Along with the other passengers!

10 Crouch down in the corner with your hands covering your eyes muttering “they’re after me”

-Working For Beer-




2 responses

21 11 2009

LOL- me and my friend used to goof off in the elevators at our sky rail downtown. It’s outdoors and they are glass so we would like plaster our faces to the glass as we were coming up to the second floor- no one else thought it was funny. We thought it was hilarious lololol.

21 11 2009
Working For Beer

Sounds like fun. I dont think many other people would think it was funny if you did these as well!

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